New Home Rebates

Get $300 for a standard e-right home.

Here are some general guidelines to help meet the standard energy-right rating. (Must have an 86-93 HERS rating)

    1. Must have a TVA approved, QCN installed, heat pump, and min 13 SEER and pass MEC inspection.
    2. Must have an electric water heater tank.
    3. Must be an “All Electric” home. (1,200 sq. ft. min.)
    4. R-30 min. attic insulation minimum.(R-38, NC)
    5. R-13 min. wall insulation minimum.(R-19, NC)
    6. R-19 min. floor insulation minimum.(R-30, NC)
    7. Insulated doors and windows.
    8. Home must meet “HERS” (Home energy rating system) rating of 93, maximum.
    9. Modular homes must meet the same standards.

Get an extra $100 cash rebate…
…if you build a more efficient Platinum home with a HERS energy rating of 85 or less.
(See separate sheet prescriptive guidelines for Platinum Home)

Not only will a home built to these specifications save you money for years, we will sweeten the pot to encourage you to build for living comfortable while conserving energy and saving money. Don’t be sorry later. Call us today if you have questions or need more details. (423-727-1811)

OR, if you do not want to build to the above standards, we will still give you up to a $100 credit when you install an electric water heater when you build.

  • Eligibility will include only one of the rebates.
  • Water heater must be 40 gallon min. and a min of .95 energy factor.
  • Must submit invoice for WH or make request for new homes rebate no later than 90 days from invoice date or permanent power connection.

It always pays to go Energy Right
For complete details, call Charlie @ 423-727-1811 or visit


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