About MEC Board of Directors

Mountain Electric Cooperative is a non-profit electric cooperative, chartered under the laws of Tennessee to distribute electric energy to the people living in its service area.
The members own and control it through an elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is composed of 8 members, one elected from each of the districts - Three from Johnson County, three from Avery County and two from Roan Mountain. The board members are also members of the cooperative.
Each August there are district meetings held for the members of that district to vote for the candidate of their choice.  Nominations are made by a signed petition (10 members required on petition). The voting is conducted by written ballot, and trustees are elected to serve three-year terms.
The board is the policy making and supervisory body for MEC. It sees that the cooperative is run properly and to the best interest of all members and that the policies agreed upon are carried out. The board employs a General Manager to oversee the cooperative’s day-to-day operations. MEC's current general manager is Joe Thacker.
The present board members are:

District 1: Joe Atwood - President
J Atwood.JPG
District 2: George Lowe Secretary/Treasurer
G Lowe.JPG
District 3: Ross Dowell
R Dowell 2.JPG
District 4: Harry Smith
H Smith.JPG
District 5: R. Bruce Lacey - Vice President
B Lacey.JPG
District 6: Ronnie Townson
J Tolley.JPG
District 7: W.O. Hampton
W.O. Hampton.JPG

District 8: David Ellis
Ellis David.JPG

MEC Districts, board members, and communities served:

District 1, Joe Atwood

Mountain City
Pleasant Valley
Cold Springs
Silver Lake
Laurel Bloomery
Sugar Creek
Furnace Creek
Shingle Town
Harbin Hill

District 2, George Lowe

Shady Valley
Doe Valley
Doeville to the Roan Creek Bridge
Sink Valley
Butler (to the bridge across Watauga Lake)
Pierce Town (to the Watauga Lake Boundary)

District 3, Ross Dowell

Forge Creek
Dry Run
Mill Creek
Bakers Gap
Little Dry Run
Dry Hill
Crackers Neck
Bunton Town to the Carter County line
Walnut Grove

District 4, Harry Smith

Banner Elk
Sugar Mountain
Grandfather Community

District 5, Bruce Lacey

Linville Falls
Land Harbor
Jonas Ridge

District 6, Ronnie Townson

Simerly Creek
Tiger Creek
Elk Mills
Whitehead Hill to Roaring Creek Bridge
Tolley Town
Poga to the state line
Little Milligan
Fish Springs (Hwy 67 to the bridge across Watauga Lake)

District 7, W.O. Hampton

Roan Mountain
Shell Creek
Upper Shell Creek
Buck Mountain
Cove Creek

District 8, David Ellis

Elk Park to state line
Heaton Creek
Old Beech Mountain
Beech Mountain
Roaring Creek

Service Area Map


Corporate Office District Office Branch Office
Mountain City
604 South Church St
PO Box 180
Mountain City, TN 37683
fax: 423-727-1822
1373 Elk Park Hwy
PO Box 1240
Newland, NC 28657

fax: 828-733-3213
Roan Mountain
8477 Hwy 19E
PO Box 103
Roan Mountain, TN 37687
fax: 423-772-4340